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Thrifting in the Heart of Trumbull County

If you enjoy thrifting, there's a number of pop-ups, holiday open houses, and small out-of-the-way places that only thrifters know of in Trumbull County. Read on for a full list!

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Love History – a Look at Then & Now in Trumbull County

Trumbull Country in Northeast Ohio is home to many historical locations. From the era of flight to the underground railroad, Trumbull County has something for everyone.

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Trumbull County Resident Spotlight: Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl went on to gain more accolades than most musicians. He’s a two-time Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee as a member of Nirvana and Foo Fighters, has won 16 Grammy Awards, and appeared on more than 15 Platinum-selling albums. His bands have filled stadiums and changed the direction of contemporary music.

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50 Free Things To Do in Trumbull County

If you're traveling on a budget, there is still a wide range of activities to experience in Trumbull County. We have compiled a list of 50 free things to explore, from food and shopping to entertainment and historical landmarks.

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8 Great Ways To Explore the Outdoors

Trumbull County, Ohio is most definitely a place where the Call of the Wild sounds strong. Here are eight great places to explore the outdoors! Add these to your Trumbull County Bucket List!

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Birding and Bird Photography at Mosquito Lake and Mosquito Creek Wildlife Area

If you would like to know more about birding and bird photography as well as the fantastic birdwatching opportunities in and around Mosquito Lake, then you've come to the right place! In this article, we're talking about the differences between birding and bird photography, answering questions on how and where to get started, and raising important points on how to responsibly share and support wildlife of Trumbull County.

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Norman Rockwell Now on Display at the Medici Museum of Art

Visit the Medici Museum of Art and explore Norman Rockwell: American Scouting Collection, which features American Art that adds to timely conversations in our immediate and global community.

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Six Notable Residents of Trumbull County

Read the incredible stories of some of Trumbull County's notable residents!

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3 Reasons Why The Italian Food Trail is a Must-Try

Getting a “Taste of Italy” is a simple matter for any visitor to Trumbull County, Ohio. This 25x25-mile Northeastern Ohio county packs a big punch of Italian goodness – straight to your taste buds! Learn more about the delicious food and restaurants we have to offer.

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The Underground Railroad in Trumbull County

Learn about the stories related to the Underground Railroad including stories about the people traveling and running this covert network and the places that were supportive of the abolitionist efforts.

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Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude: Take a Workation!

Are you tired of the same old ‘covid-induced’ work-from-home day?  Day in, day out looking at the same four walls, same take-out, same walk around the block.  Well, you can change your current ‘latitude’ and head to Trumbull County, midway between Cleveland and Pittsburgh, for an affordable workation. A workation blends the line between remote work and a break from your regular routine.  With so many of us working from home and the winter months upon us, consider some of these Trumbull County gems to set up shop for a few days or weeks!

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Best Coffee Shops in Trumbull County

Whether you’re looking to warm up with a pumpkin spice latte or cool down with an iced white mocha cold brew, here’s a list of seven must-stop coffee shops in Trumbull County, Ohio.

Cortland Community Pride

5 Things I Love About Cortland, Ohio

Cortland is a small town in northeast Ohio with great local parks, businesses, and a sense of community. Read further to see what makes Cortland so special!

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Come Along for a Drive Through Warren, Ohio

Read about Warren, Ohio’s historic sites and charming downtown as you ‘ride along’ for a cigar drive and tour of Trumbull County’s largest town!


East Gustavus Cemetery Tour

How well do you know the history of Trumbull County? In midst of the Halloween season, we invite you on a guided excursion of the East Gustavus cemetery to learn the stories of some of the town's earliest residents.


A Spooky Tour of Hubbard's Old North Cemetery

Halloween is just around the corner! Treat yourself to an eerie tour of Old North Cemetery in Hubbard, Trumbull County, Ohio. In this historic graveyard, under faded headstones, lie some of the township's first residents.

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Why Fall is the Best Season for Golfing in Trumbull County

There’s something about playing golf in the fall in Northeast Ohio that hits different. Bill Rabel of the Pine Lakes Golf Club & Penn Ohio Golf Trail is sharing his thoughts on why golf is so much more enjoyable in the crisp, fresh fall air. Read more!