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Self Guided Tour of the Village of Mesopotamia

The historic village of Mesopotamia is located in the heart of Amish Country in Trumbull County. It features 28 buildings, 21 of which were constructed before the Civil War, which has earned them a place on the National Register of Historic Places. The village is a hub for local artisans and crafters, highlighted by the Between Two Rivers Trading Co., and is also home to one of the oldest general stores in Ohio, the End of the Commons General Store, operating continuously since 1840.

Buried Alongside His Parents

Hillside Cemetery in West Farmington

Hillside Cemetery, aptly named for its winding gravel driveways, lush hillocks, and mature cypress trees, was founded in 1808 and was previously part of land belonging to Josiah Wolcott, an early settler in Farmington Township.

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The Top 8 Must-See Entertainment Venues in Trumbull County

From theatre and bars, to concerts and venues both indoors and outdoors: What is the must-see entertainment of Trumbull County? Since the diversity of year-round live performances in Trumbull spans from Packard Music Hall and Robins Theatre to the community-built Trumbull New Theatre, here’s a list of the top 8 entertainment venues in Trumbull County where you’ll find entertaining things to do the best entertainment in Northeast Ohio!

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5 Things to Love About Cortland Ohio

Cortland Ohio has something for everyone, with a blossoming downtown to explore, an assortment of outdoor activities and town parks to enjoy year-round, and must-visit restaurants offering cuisines from all over the world, including authentic Italian and mouthwatering Mexican options.

Upton House With Marker

Did You Know That? 20 Fun Facts About Trumbull County in Northeast Ohio

Do you love fun facts or want to get an edge up at your next trivia game? Well, lucky for you, Trumbull County has more than a few interesting attributes. Here’s a look at the county’s oddest history, notable people, and remarkable places:

Newton Falls Covered Bridge

Take a trip to the famous 44444: Six Things to do in Newton Falls

Newton Falls in Trumbull County, Ohio is an ideal year-round destination, conveniently located within an hour's drive from Cleveland and Pittsburgh. From local events to a historic covered bridge, unique shopping to delicious food, Newton Falls has something for everyone.

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Compete with Ohio’s Best Anglers at Mosquito Lake

Mosquito Lake is one of the top three lakes in the state of Ohio for crappie, channel catfish, and largemouth bass according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Anglers can plan a fishing excursion to Trumbull County and try to catch these popular fish to be awarded the 2024 Fish Ohio pin for qualifying catches!

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10 great places to get coffee in Trumbull County

Trumbull County has always been a great place for great food – especially Italian, Polish, and Greek food. In recent years more local coffee shops have sprung up, making it a fantastic place to grab a coffee or tea, too. I love coffee shops and look for them wherever I go. Now that there are so many in Trumbull County, I decided to visit ten of them in two days. For research purposes, of course. And, since research is best done with a team, I brought my friend, Sam, along for the first day.

Underground Railroad

A Historic Ohio African American Community

Due west of Warren, Ohio, is the township of Braceville – and it’s got a story to tell. Thanks to the nonprofit Braceville Community Foundation, that story of a vibrant Ohio African American community is solidifying its place in history.

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Pawsitive Feedback: A Dog's Review of Trumbull County's Bark-Worthy Dog Parks

When you’re looking for the best dog parks in Trumbull County, you don’t want some HUMAN’s opinion right? You want the educated reviews of a dog! Kermit is here to do just that for you.

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Things to do this Holiday with the Kids

Winter break is just around the corner. The kids will be out of school – and maybe a little restless with all that time on their hands. What’s a parent to do? While I’m not a parent myself, I do consider myself a bit of an overgrown child – in the fun-loving, goofy, adventurous sort of way. As I see it, you’re never too old to jump around, get creative, or explore the world. And any time is a great time to be a kid in Trumbull County. Here are some activities you can do with the kids – or all by yourself – this winter:

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Holiday shopping list made easy in Trumbull County

Holiday shopping can be overwhelming – but it doesn’t have to be. If you know where to go to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list, you can have a holly jolly holiday shopping season. Lucky for you, Trumbull County has a shop for just about anything you could want.

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There’s no place like Warren & Trumbull County for the holidays

They say there’s no place like home for the holidays – and it’s true. My extended family has been scattered across the eastern part of the country for most of my life, but they’re all originally from Trumbull County, and they never forget it. Since my mom is the one still living in the area, her house has become the place to which everyone “comes home.” She asked her brothers and sisters what they most look forward to doing when they’re in town. Here’s what they said:

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Trumbull County has taste – especially when it comes to locally made wines, beers, and yes, even mead! From woodsy wineries to industrial breweries, here are some places the discerning drinker won’t want to miss:

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Fall in Love with Trumbull County: A Guide to the Best Fall Activities

Fall in Trumbull County is the perfect time to experience the crisp, refreshing Autumn air and take in the breathtaking kaleidoscope of Reds, Oranges, and Yellows. There is something truly magical about strolling through the state and county parks, sipping on hot apple cider, and indulging in pumpkin-flavored treats. Whether you're exploring charming towns, discovering hidden hiking trails, or immersing yourself in local fall festivals, Trumbull County offers a plethora of opportunities to embrace the beauty and joy of this enchanting season.

Fear Forest

Take a scary stroll – or hayride – through Trumbull County this October

With the most haunted houses of any in the U.S. according to online haunted house directory Scare Factory, which lists more than 130 haunts spattered across the Buckeye State making Ohio a pretty scary state to be in come October! And, some of the best ones are right here in Trumbull County. Here are a few that might scare your socks off:

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Fall Season Patios in Trumbull County: The Ultimate Guide

As the crisp autumn breeze sets in and the leaves begin to change colors, there's no better time to enjoy a lovely meal or a refreshing drink on a patio. Trumbull County, located in northeastern Ohio, offers a variety of charming patios where you can embrace the beauty of fall. Here, we will take a closer look at some of the best fall season patios in Trumbull County to make your dining experience even more enjoyable.

Ghost Walk (3)

Ghost Walk highlights Trumbull County’s spookiest history

For as many Octobers as I can remember, I have looked forward to lining up outside First Presbyterian Church of Warren and waiting to be taken into the night by a lantern-wielding guide. What awaits in historic downtown Warren? Ghosts, of course!

Wings N Wheels 2018 Fly And Drive In

Wings and Wheels in Trumbull County Ohio

Situated in Northeast Ohio just an hour drive from Cleveland and Pittsburgh, Trumbull County is home to so many fun activities, events, and festivals year round, but nothing unites aviation and automotive enthusiasts quite like Trumbull County’s annual Wings and Wheels!

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Spend a Weekend at Beautiful Mosquito Lake State Park

Plan your summer getaway at Mosquito Lake State Park in Northeast Ohio. Enjoy the 7,000-acre lake and 2,483+ acres of woodlands for a water-filled, wooded outdoor adventure. Here is a list of the best things to do at Mosquito Lake State Park.


Five Things to Love About Warren, Ohio

Warren, Ohio, is a city rich in history with fascinating stories to tell. In 1801, Warren became the county seat of Trumbull County, with industry and urbanization at the forefront. Today, Warren continues to be home to creatives who are taking the city to new levels of pride and revitalization, a place where you are welcomed to enjoy a delicious meal, stroll the historic homes, and experience a destination steeped in tradition. Here are the best things to do in Warren, Ohio.

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Spring Trip Ideas in Northeast Ohio

Spring is the perfect season to freshen up your family getaways and weekend trip ideas with all new sights and experiences. Whether you’re looking for a day at the beach, a trip to Amish country, or a local greenhouse, these short but memorable road trip ideas through Northeast Ohio provide the perfect excuse to get out and have an adventure. Pack your bags and load the car for your perfect Ohio Road Trip.

Birthplace Of An American President William Mckinley Niles OH

Five Things to Love About Niles, Ohio

Nestled in Trumbull County, Niles, Ohio is packed with experiences that will fill your calendar with things to do, places to eat, and places to stay. Here are some of the best things to do in Niles, Ohio.

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The Eastwood Mall Complex has it All

Immerse yourself in the variety of the Eastwood Mall Complex with nearly 200 places to shop, dine, and have some fun!

East Greene Cemetery 1

East Greene Cemetery

A tract of land longer than it is wide along the south side of Dennison-Ashtabula Road, the East Greene Cemetery is a bucolic pioneer burial ground set at the edge of a forest glade in Trumbull County Northeast Ohio.

Vienna Memorial Cemetery

Vienna Memorial Cemetery

The Vienna Memorial Cemetery is tucked behind the quaint New England-style village green of Vienna Center and faithfully serves as a resting place for Vienna Township’s deceased for over 130 years including some noteworthy individuals local to Trumbull County and its history.

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Kinsman Presbyterian Cemetery

The Kinsman Presbyterian Cemetery, also known as the "old cemetery" is one of the oldest cemeteries in Trumbull County, selected by John Kinsman, the man behind the town's namesake, and was first used in 1804.

Niles Union Cemetery 1

Niles Union Cemetery

Niles Union Cemetery in Trumbull County Ohio got its start in 1806 and was originally known as Jack Oak Burying Ground. It would suffer major damage over a century later in 1985 when a rare, powerful tornado passed through the area.

Hartford Hill Winery Wine Tasting

Winter Road Trip

Brandy Gleason is a lover of all things winter and Northeast Ohio calls her name when the snow is flying. Once you get to know her you find out she's always looking for the next adventurous thing to experience. She is the face behind Ohio Road Trips where she curates the fantastic things to do in Ohio. Winter is a time when many wrap up at home and pray for summer, but Trumbull County, in Northeast Ohio, has winter destinations that will make you re-think cold-weather adventures. Bundle up and pack your bags for a winter getaway between Cleveland and Pittsburgh that will surprise you. Once you visit this Ohio’s Snowbelt, it will become one of your favorite winter destinations.

Manhoning Cemetery

Mahoning Avenue Pioneer Cemetery

The Mahoning Avenue Pioneer Cemetery is one of the few places in Warren that looks the same today as it would have two centuries ago situated on 1.4 acres of land donated by its former owner Henry Lane Jr. who arrived in Warren from Pennsylvania in the spring of 1800 with his family.

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Fried Fish in Northeast Ohio

We’ve got the best fried fish in the area! Trumbull County, located midway between Cleveland and Pittsburgh, is the perfect stopping place for some beer-battered fish. Yes, that’s right, beer-battered fish! Trumbull County is known for generations of locals that are fiercely loyal to their favorite fish. So, it’s no surprise that family-owned restaurants continue to serve these homemade recipes.

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The Best Fried Chicken in Ohio: Trumbull County Edition

Drum or a thigh, wings or a breast, we set out to discover where in Trumbull County you need to stop for the best fried chicken in town. From Greek-inspired cuisine to top-notch flavor at a local pizza place, it's never a bad time to enjoy some crispy fried chicken.

Amish Girls & Wagon

Things to Do in Ohio's Amish Country

Trumbull County is a perfect place to explore Amish Country and the surrounding area. Make your way through the communities experiencing the simple lifestyle.

Roman Bath

Go-To Resort in Ohio: The Grand Resort

Imagine a place where you can go and completely relax from all the cares of the world and unwind from everyday life. A destination curated to be opulent but inviting, enjoyable yet filled with things for you to do.


Where to Find The Best Brunch in Ohio

After trying some of the best brunch places here in Trumbull County, Ohio, we've narrowed down the top 5 brunch spots everyone who visits Trumbull County should indulge in! While any meal is a special occasion around here Sunday Brunch is a favorite.

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Father Son Trip Ideas in Northeast Ohio

There is nothing better than hitting the open road to escape from everyday life. Show your dad or the special guy in your life how much you love him with various affordable options. Make Trumbull County your next destination with these quality father-son or guy getaway trip ideas.

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Day Trips in Ohio, The Ultimate Girls Trip for Everyone in Your Squad

Not every getaway has to be somewhere exotic, you’ll be surprised at the fun places you can find in Northeast Ohio. Girls' trips are filled with local shopping, fantastic food, and over-the-top fun with relaxation sprinkled in.


Ready, Set, Go. . . Trips!

Take a road trip any month of the year or find the perfect local staycation to fill your weekends! Every season is an opportunity to experience Ohio and discover Trumbull County in a brand-new way.

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How to Spend a Cozy Winter Weekend in Northeast Ohio

Brandy Gleason is a lover of all things winter and Northeast Ohio calls her name when the snow is flying. Once you get to know her you find out she's always looking for the next adventurous thing to experience, spa to relax in, and the best coffee around. She is the face behind Ohio Road Trips where she curates the fantastic things to do in Ohio.

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Best Fishing Spots in Trumbull County

It is no secret that Trumbull County in Northeast Ohio has some of the best fishing in the state. Almost every fisherman can find something to their liking, whether it's creeks, rivers, parks, or hidden gems. Communities in the region place a high emphasis on protecting and maintaining their natural resources. As a result, locals and visitors can take advantage of all the area has to offer.

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Thrifting in the Heart of Trumbull County

If you enjoy thrifting, there's a number of pop-ups, holiday open houses, and small out-of-the-way places that only thrifters know of in Trumbull County. Read on for a full list!

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Love History – a Look at Then & Now in Trumbull County

Trumbull Country in Northeast Ohio is home to many historical locations. From the era of flight to the underground railroad, Trumbull County has something for everyone.

Dave Grohl Alley

Trumbull County Resident Spotlight: Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl went on to gain more accolades than most musicians. He’s a two-time Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee as a member of Nirvana and Foo Fighters, has won 16 Grammy Awards, and appeared on more than 15 Platinum-selling albums. His bands have filled stadiums and changed the direction of contemporary music.

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50 Free Things To Do in Trumbull County

If you're traveling on a budget, there is still a wide range of activities to experience in Trumbull County. We have compiled a list of 50 free things to explore, from food and shopping to entertainment and historical landmarks.

Paddleboarding Mosquito Lake

8 Great Ways To Explore the Outdoors

Trumbull County, Ohio is most definitely a place where the Call of the Wild sounds strong. Here are eight great places to explore the outdoors! Add these to your Trumbull County Bucket List!

Wood Duck Kayaking Mosquito Lake

Birding and Bird Photography at Mosquito Lake and Mosquito Creek Wildlife Area

If you would like to know more about birding and bird photography as well as the fantastic birdwatching opportunities in and around Mosquito Lake, then you've come to the right place! In this article, we're talking about the differences between birding and bird photography, answering questions on how and where to get started, and raising important points on how to responsibly share and support wildlife of Trumbull County.

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Norman Rockwell Now on Display at the Medici Museum of Art

Visit the Medici Museum of Art and explore Norman Rockwell: American Scouting Collection, which features American Art that adds to timely conversations in our immediate and global community.

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Six Notable Residents of Trumbull County

Read the incredible stories of some of Trumbull County's notable residents!

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3 Reasons Why The Italian Food Trail is a Must-Try

Getting a “Taste of Italy” is a simple matter for any visitor to Trumbull County, Ohio. This 25x25-mile Northeastern Ohio county packs a big punch of Italian goodness – straight to your taste buds! Learn more about the delicious food and restaurants we have to offer.

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The Underground Railroad in Trumbull County

Learn about the stories related to the Underground Railroad including stories about the people traveling and running this covert network and the places that were supportive of the abolitionist efforts.

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Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude: Take a Workation!

Are you tired of the same old ‘covid-induced’ work-from-home day?  Day in, day out looking at the same four walls, same take-out, same walk around the block.  Well, you can change your current ‘latitude’ and head to Trumbull County, midway between Cleveland and Pittsburgh, for an affordable workation. A workation blends the line between remote work and a break from your regular routine.  With so many of us working from home and the winter months upon us, consider some of these Trumbull County gems to set up shop for a few days or weeks!

Cortland Community Pride

5 Things I Love About Cortland, Ohio

Cortland is a small town in northeast Ohio with great local parks, businesses, and a sense of community. Read further to see what makes Cortland so special!

Warren City Hall

Come Along for a Drive Through Warren, Ohio

Read about Warren, Ohio’s historic sites and charming downtown as you ‘ride along’ for a cigar drive and tour of Trumbull County’s largest town!


East Gustavus Cemetery Tour

How well do you know the history of Trumbull County? In midst of the Halloween season, we invite you on a guided excursion of the East Gustavus cemetery to learn the stories of some of the town's earliest residents.


A Spooky Tour of Hubbard's Old North Cemetery

Halloween is just around the corner! Treat yourself to an eerie tour of Old North Cemetery in Hubbard, Trumbull County, Ohio. In this historic graveyard, under faded headstones, lie some of the township's first residents.

Why Fall is the Best Season for Golfing in Trumbull County

There’s something about playing golf in the fall in Northeast Ohio that hits different. Bill Rabel of the Pine Lakes Golf Club & Penn Ohio Golf Trail is sharing his thoughts on why golf is so much more enjoyable in the crisp, fresh fall air. Read more!