Fried Fish in Northeast Ohio

We’ve got the best fried fish in the area! Trumbull County, located midway between Cleveland and Pittsburgh, is the perfect stopping place for some beer-battered fish. Yes, that’s right, beer-battered fish! Trumbull County is known for generations of locals that are fiercely loyal to their favorite fish. So, it’s no surprise that family-owned restaurants continue to serve these homemade recipes.

Traditionally known for "Fish Fridays” during the Lent season, many churches and organizations in the area now cook and sell fish every Friday up until Easter as fundraisers. To make sure you get the chance to get your fingers on some of the best fried fish Trumbull has to offer, we stuck to the restaurants that serve fish year round.

Note: Each fish meal is served with potatoes/french-fries of all shapes and sizes as well as slaw. No fish dinner is complete without fries!

Alaskan Cod at Ohio Inn – WarrenFried fish dinner at the Ohio Inn

Award-winning fish dinners at Ohio Inn are served every Wednesday through Saturday. Ohio Inn is a family-owned restaurant known for their fish dinners since 1972. I decided to go with the 2-piece Alaskan Cod dinner and added an additional side of macaroni salad.  The delicately fried, lightly breaded cod has distinctive large flakes that have a subtle, sweet flavor. When dipped into their home-made tartar sauce you will rise to the bait! A filling and affordable option! 



Beer Battered Cod at Yankee Kitchen – ViennaFried fish with sides of coleslaw and mac & cheese from Yankee Kitchen

Yankee Kitchen is another family restaurant. The "Original" Yankee Kitchen was est. in 1975 and moved to its current location in 1981. There would be no fish fry without beer batter. Beer Batter is what makes us Truly Trumbull! Yankee Kitchen offers their famous platters such as fish & chips. They serve a fried beer battered cod fish with fries. During seasonal Fish Fridays these dinners include a choice of potatoes, mac and cheese, coleslaw, or salad.

Additional Yankee Kitchen favorites include: breaded haddock sandwich with lettuce and tomatoes. They also have a roasted pepper salmon sandwich and grilled salmon sandwiches. Or you can try their savory salmon dinner over greens… so many options!


Alaskan Pollock at Diles Market & Café – LeavittsburgFish from Dile's.

Diles Market and Café is a family-owned, café and full-service convenience store offering quality meals. Their fried fish is a Yuengling Beer Battered Alaskan Pollock served with fries. If you’re a sandwich lover, try this fish on a sub bun. A lot like cod pollock has large flakes and a slightly coarse texture, low oil content, and somewhat similar but milder flavor. When cooked the meat becomes white, lean, and firm. Both types are great in flavor but this one is for my Yuengling and Pollock lovers.


All You Can Eat Fish at Vasilio's Restaurant & Pizza – Cortland

Fried fish from Vasilios

Aside from serving delicious Italian food, Vasilios also carries a great selection for all my seafood lovers. Especially my fried fish lovers (did someone say, all you can eat!)

From their Seafood Specials menu, they offer both fried cod fish lightly breaded, and beer battered, with french-fries and coleslaw. You can also find this selection on their sandwich menu. If you’re looking for a Fish Friday, Vasilios has an All You Can Eat Fish, beer battered or fried. With a choice of spaghetti, mac and cheese or potato and coleslaw.

Now I am not here to advertise pizza or pasta today but while you’re at Vasilios you can download our Italian Food Trail Pass and Check-In to qualify to win prizes as . Vasilios is part of our Italian Food Trail Pass.



All You Can Eat Fish at Buena Vista – WarrenBueno Vista fried fish.

Buena Vista is most definitely a local fav and another Italian Food Trail stop! You can find baked or fried cod on their menu year-round. The baked cod is buttered with lemon, served with fries and coleslaw.



White Fish Veracruz & Cod Dinner at Sunrise Inn – WarrenFried fish from Sunrise Inn.

Sunrise Inn is another local fav and another famous stop on our Italian Food Trail! Sunrise offers fried and baked fish dinners as well as a full Lent Menu! Their white fish Veracruz is battered in a wine sauce. Their cod dinner is served with Trumbull County’s favorite Italian greens. All fish dinners are served with fries and coleslaw but on Wednesdays and Fridays Sunrise has a special Mac and Cheese side.



Fish Fridays at Bristolwood Golf Course – North Bloomfield                                                             

Bristolwood Golf Course

In North Bloomfield, you can find this full-service restaurant and bar that serves up some of the best fish on Fridays. Head over to Bristolwood Golf Course for some delicious fried or broiled haddock. It's served every Friday all year round. It comes with two large pieces and 2 Sides. Sides include fresh-cut fries, baked potatoes, green beans, mac and cheese, salad, coleslaw, and or apple sauce. Plus you can play some golf if the weather permits! Check their website for hours.



I know it sounds fishy, but many Trumbull County restaurants offer these fried fish meals at a very affordable price! They also offer seasonal deals, so make sure to be on the look. Follow us and these businesses on Facebook where you can receive notifications on such deals.

Author: Alyssa Seda