3 Reasons Why The Italian Food Trail is a Must-Try

Getting a “Taste of Italy” is a simple matter for any visitor to Trumbull County, Ohio. This 25x25-mile Northeastern Ohio county packs a big punch of Italian goodness – straight to your taste buds! Learn more about the delicious food and restaurants we have to offer.

1 - Authentic Food

Reflecting a strong ethnic heritage in the region, more than 65 food sites collectively form the Italian Food Trail, many of them family-owned and operated through generations, preparing Italian favorites that honor their family’s traditions.  But don’t just take it from me, listen to the pro, Amber Beall, a Mahoning Valley Cuisine Researcher who says, “Over one hundred plus years past the earliest Italian settlements, we have many third and fourth generation Italian-Americans still eating similarly to their ancestors. Some use recipes hand-written on old scraps of paper while others have the ingredients memorized, feeling and tasting their way to the proper ratios”. 

The legacy these Italian families left us still has a powerful presence in Trumbull County, and it is shown through their culinary expertise! From Padrones in Kinsman to Just Pizzelles in Cortland, regional favorites like wedding soup, hot peppers in oil, Brier Hill pizza, and Italian greens frequently pop-up on menus throughout sites on the Italian Food Trail.  

2 - Value

Trumbull County in Northeast Ohio (just one hour from both Cleveland & Pittsburgh) is an affordable place to live AND eat!  Not only are the prices at restaurants and wineries fair, but they also boast tons of specials!  You’ll see discounts like Station Square Ristorante in Liberty, where on Tuesdays you’ll receive 20% off any bottle of wine from their extensive and award-winning wine list. 


I’m constantly checking Facebook to find new weeknight specials – buy two entrees and receive a free bottle of house wine, half-off appetizers, free desserts, seafood specials, and more!  Another awesome fact about food trail sites is the amount of food you get!  Oftentimes, you’ll walk out of almost any restaurant with a to-go box of leftovers… even with your stretchy pants on!

3 - Mobile Pass

Probably the coolest thing about the Italian Food Trail is the mobile pass.  This pass is completely free and allows you to taste your way around the county while you earn chances to win prizes!  It was super easy to download.  I went to ItalianFoodTrail.com, clicked on “Free Mobile Pass”, filled out my information, and bam! I instantly got a text message with access to the pass!  


You can search by city to see what food sites are near you and if you want one-tap access, you can save the pass to your phone’s home screen.  When I stopped to pick up lunch at the Sunrise Inn in Warren, I used the pass to check-in.  I only have 3 more stops to earn a chance to win a Pop-Up Perk! So get out there, have fun exploring new dining spots and take your taste buds on a culinary adventure!


For more information about events and things to do in Trumbull County, Ohio, check out this calendar!

Author: Beth Kane