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Our orchard, located at the heart of Hartford, OH, can be traced back to the Clark family who purchased the main orchard at the end of the Civil War. Clarence "Pa" Eucker farmed in Ravenna until 1940 when he was bought out and purchased the west orchard from the McCafferty family. Desperate for a place to store the apples, Pa made a deal to purchase the main orchard from the Clark family who had recently installed a new cooler in the 1930s. After serving as a seabee in World War II, Ernie joined the operation with his father and younger brother Walt in 1945. The boys later took over the orchard after Clarence passed away in 1964. Ernie Eucker took over in 1971 due to Walt severely suffering from Alzheimer's. Brian, Ernie's youngest son, took over the operation in 1988 and ran it until the Schwartz family purchased it in April 2017.

Hartford Orchards, LLC boasts nine apple varieties. Our orchard in Hartford, OH is a haven to different apple trees nurtured naturally and with the highest level of care. During the harvest season, our apple trees bear mouthwatering fruits bursting with sweetness in every bite. Look through this page today for more information about our apple varieties!

Apples are the heart of Hartford Orchards, LLC in Hartford, OH, but they aren’t the only items we have in our store. We also carry a selection of apple products and treats that will satisfy your various cravings. 

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