"Too" Hot Mamas

2 Moms, 2 families & 2 other jobs, we started canning in our home kitchen. Now we can bring you our passion for flavor & spice through Too Hot Mamas brand!

"Too Hot Mamas (THM) products are made with quality in mind as our priority. Fresh Vegetables or fruits are used in all of our products, which are all locally sourced from farms in Ohio. All Varieties are vegan friendly and everything is gluten free except our Hot Pepper Mustard. THM aims to make life easier in the kitchen using any of our brand products. Each can be eaten with chips, poured over cream cheese for a quick snack, used as a marinade or added to an entrée of your choice to spice things up a bit. Our products have a little kick, but add the perfect mix of sweet and spice to your meal.

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212 N. Main St.
Hubbard, OH 44425


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"Too" Hot Mamas