Disc Golf Courses

Disc golf is played similarly to golf, only with the use of discs in lieu of a ball and baskets instead of holes, although the baskets themselves are often referred to as “holes” and the starting points, which may be a simple marker or cement pad, as “tees.” Players throw discs toward the golf holes, attempting to make as few throws as possible before reaching the destination. Disc golfers may select from many types of discs at any time while playing a disc golf hole. A driver, generally flat and designed to travel long distances, is typically the first type of disc used when tackling a new disc golf hole. Mid-range discs tend to be thicker than drivers, offer a bit more control to the user, and are best used for moderate-throwing distances. The bulkier putters are designed for short tosses, offering better maneuverability in place of distance.


Please bring your own discs or frisbees to experience this unique outdoor activity.


Trumbull County Metroparks: Clarence Darrow / Young's Run Disc Golf Course

523 Educational Hwy. Warren, Ohio 44483


Squirrel Run Disc Golf Course

Mosquito Lake State Park. 1439 Wilson Sharpsville Rd.  Cortland, Ohio 44410


Outflow at Mosquito Lake Disc Golf Course

Mosquito Creek Lake.  2961 Warren-Meadville Rd. Cortland, Ohio 44410


Birdie Hill Disc Golf Course

Lakeview Recreation Area.  3001 Warren Meadville Road.  Cortland, Ohio 44410


Titan Disc Golf Course

Kent State University - Trumbull. 4314 Mahoning Ave. Warren, Ohio 44483 

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Warren, Ohio 44483

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