Fits of Fury Rage Room

Grab a bat, grab a mallet, snatch a golf club or hammer! If you want to break stuff and not have to worry about the clean up? This is the place for you! Have fun destroying items and being cheered on as you do it!

We provide the tools and room for you to break your items in!

Don't worry about clean up. We handle it!

Appointment not required, walk right in!

Prices are for the session and up to 10 people can be in a room!

Most who come in bring friends but feel free to go it alone too! Smashing things is extremely fun and all leave with smiles on their face!

Located next to Dillards in the Eastwood Mall

Basic Info

5555 Youngstown Warren Road
Niles, Ohio 44446


Trumbull County Tourism Bureau Member

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Fits Of Rage