Pesa Italian Rolls

It's a family affair at Pesa Italian Rolls. When asked what inspired them to start this business, they said it was because of the demand for good quality rolls made by a family that cares about their work and loves what they do. They also see the business as a tribute to their family’s Calabria, Italy heritage.


The rolls are made with a long-standing family recipe.  Jenna is a third-generation roll maker, and Grandma Edie still makes her own every Saturday evening for the traditional family Sunday dinner.  Today they make the popular pepperoni, spinach, salami, cheese, and hot pepper rolls fresh daily in-house. Kimberly (Jenna’s mom and business partner) began selling her rolls at the local farmers market and quickly discovered the demand they created.

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5000 E Market St #1A,
Howland, OH 44484


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