Toyhio 18: The Next Level

Basic Info

February 10, 2024 - February 10, 2024
Metroplex Expo Center
1620 Motor Inn Dr
Girard, Ohio 44420


Admission Charged


11 am - 4 pm


Toyhio Toy Show

Toyhio returns!

Admission $5. Children 10 & under are free! 

Toyhio Toy Show is the premier toy show in Ohio. Toyhio now happens three times a year! Over 25,000 sq ft of toys. Guests, customers, vendors travel from all over the US to setup and buy!

A toy show by collectors for collectors.

Toyhio returns for its 18th show! 

Early bird $10
General admission $5
Guests include:
Jason Baker
Brian Myers
Capt. Joe Shoes
Our first wrestling guest ever returns after a few year hiatus! Brian Myers (TNA Wrestling) returns! And he is bringing some friends along! He will be joined by Moose (TNA Wrestling) and Capt. Joe Shoes (Major Pod).
BUT THATS NOT ALL! Major Bendies & Big Rubber Guys will also have a booth!