Superball V

Basic Info

February 10, 2024 - February 10, 2024
Modern Methods Brewing Company
125 Dave Grohl Alley
Warren, Ohio 44481


Superball V

Do you make the best BALLS in the Universe? Prove it Saturday, February 10th! The competition is fierce, and we’re inviting you to throw down once again for SuperBALL V - Ballmageddon!
On a related note: Do you like eating the best BALLS in the Universe? Prove it! Join us for one of our favorite events. We can’t think of a better way to pre-game the big game!
Here’s how it works:
- Each competitor prepares 5LB meat/meat substitute in approx. 50 balls. Judging is on both meatball and sauce.
- There are no strict guidelines on choose meatball constitution and the accompanying sauce! Vegetarian entries are encouraged.
- There will be two competition winners: Judges Choice and People’s Choice. The Judges Choice will be chosen by special guest judges. The People’s Choice will be selected by the meatball sampling public via secret ballot.
The winners get a one of a kind meatball trophy and a $20 MM gift card. Also, bragging rights for all of 2024.