Norman Rockwell at The Medici Museum of Art

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January 01, 2023 - May 31, 2023
The Medici Museum of Art
9350 E Market St
Warren, Ohio 44484




11AM- 4PM



The Medici Museum of Art
Rockwell Collection At The Medici Museum Of Art

Currently on display is Norman Rockwell: American Scouting Collection, which features American Art that adds to timely conversations in our immediate and global community. Artworks include permanent works by painters and illustrators including Joseph Csatari, Walt Disney, Norman Rockwell, Carl Clemens, Mortiz Rungius, Howard Chandler Christy, and Joseph Christian Leyendecker among others, exploring themes such as classic America, its values and traditions.  This exhibition also presents many works of art never previously seen together and speaks to a wide audience including Boy Scout enthusiasts, fans of Norman Rockwell, illustrators, painters, and the general public who appreciate great art.