Murder Mystery at Peter Allen Inn November 5th

Basic Info

November 05, 2022 - November 05, 2022
Peter Allen Inn & Event Center
8581 State St.
Kinsman, Ohio 44428


Admission Charged


6 PM


Murder Peter Allen Inn

Join us for a night filled with mystery, murder, and the truly unexpected. It is indeed the perfect location for a murder to unfold before your eyes, with the characters native to the home, as the key suspects. This remarkable cast will truly draw you in as the mystery unfolds and is solved before you in this compelling performance.
The evening will begin as you are escorted inside Heritage Hall where you’ll be seated for a delicious dinner buffet which will feature a select themed menu designed for your enjoyment by our Executive Chef. Dessert will be served table side, and drink service will be available throughout the evening.
During dinner, you’ll enjoy cabaret vocal performances by the characters, as well as character interaction. You’ll then watch carefully as you witness the crime, take notes, collaborate with your colleagues, examine the witnesses, and have the opportunity to solve the crime. That is unless you’re distracted by the delicious dessert.
Tickets are $60 per person
*PLEASE NOTE: This price includes a full dinner buffet, with dessert being served during the performance. Throughout the performance, cocktail service will be available. If you prefer to do cocktails before dinner our Kinsman Tavern will be open prior to the performance. If you would like to sit with a group, please purchase tickets together, as there is assigned seating at this event.
Purchase your tickets online or by calling our offices at 330.759.4570
**This event has assigned seating, if you would like to sit with a group, please purchase your tickets together.