Moss Ancestral Historic Home - Monthly Open House

Basic Info

April 11, 2021 - April 11, 2021
Moss Ancestral Home
1499 Burnett Street
Mineral Ridge, OH 44440


Admission Charged


1:15 pm, 2:15 pm, 3:15pm


Marci Buchanan

April's Open House will include a Native American Indian Fireside Chat with Bill Moss, a Moss descendant.  Reservations will be needed for the chat.

Bill Moss will be portraying Wowatom, a Mingo Indian from the local area.  Included in the fireside chat will be an explanation of the origin of some musical instruments along with playing them and a discussion of the history and craft-making of local and United States tribes. 

Indian artifacts and crafts from a variety of Indian tribes will be on display. 

Due to limited seating, reservations will be needed.  Please call, text or email for a reservation and expect a confirmation.