Father's Day Weekend Root Beer Tasting

Basic Info

June 15, 2024 - June 16, 2024
Sweet Memories Vintage Tees
1282 Trumbull Ave Suite 1
GIrard, Ohio 44420


SM Root Beer

Calling all root beer enthusiasts and pun-slinging papas! Dust off your finest dad jokes and head to Sweet Memories Vintage Tees & Candy for a Father's Day weekend you won't root-forget!
Mark your calendars for June 15th & 16th:
Root Beer Bonanza: Float on a flavor cloud as you SAMPLE ALL DAY from our fizzy fountain of unique root beers! (National Root Beer Day is just around the corner, ya know…)
Dad Joke Showdown: Think your puns are groan-worthy good? Then step up to the mic and BATTLE IT OUT for dad joke supremacy! The grand prize is MAJOR, so polish those punchlines! (Showdown on from 1pm-3pm!)
Raffle Ruckus: Feeling lucky? ENTER TO WIN a prize bundle fit for a king (or a dad)! Every entry counts, and sharing our Facebook post gives you an EXTRA BOOST of winning power!
Best part? This whole shebang is FREE! So grab your pops, your thirst, and your silliest puns, and get ready for a Father's Day weekend that's bursting with laughter and fizzy fun!
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P.S. Don't forget to wear your dadliest dad outfit for bonus points!