Basic Info

December 22, 2023 - December 22, 2023
Robins Theatre
160 E Market St.
Warren, OH 44481


Admission Charged


7 p.m.


Robins Theatre
E5C4P3 & Best of Times at the Robins Theatre.png

E5C4P3 is known today as the original and best Journey tribute band to ever exist. The band covers the music with a note-for-note accuracy that is second to none and performs each show with the high-energy excitement of a real Journey concert as well as visually recreating the essence of early 80's Journey! Focusing on the 'Steve Perry era', E5C4P3 covers all the hits from 'Lights' and 'Wheel In The Sky' to 'Separate Ways' and 'Be Good To Yourself' including occasional surprises for all the die-hard Journey fans. Best of Times is the only “authentic” STYX tribute, featuring Jeff Morris in the role of Dennis DeYoung and George McGrew in the role of Tommy Shaw. They cover the biggest hits of STYX with note-for-note accuracy and add an entertaining stage show to boot. This is one band that you can’t afford to miss!