Basic Info

November 19, 2022 - November 19, 2022
Robins Theatre
160 E. Market St.
Warren, OH 44481


Admission Charged


7 p.m. / doors open 6 p.m.



Howland High School Drama Club
Christmas Carol 2022

A Christmas Carol is more than a holiday tale. It is the tale of the curmudgeonly Ebenezer Scrooge, a prosperous businessman who believes that personal wealth and heartless financial tactics are much more valuable than the friendship, happiness, and comfort of those around him. He treats his employee, Bob Cratchit, and his family with the same disdain and coldness that he shows everyone else. Scrooge’s miserable nature comes to a crescendo during the Christmas season,” Bah! Humbug!” However, this Christmas, he is forced to come face to face with his selfish ways when he is confronted by three ghosts on Christmas Eve: the Ghost of Christmas Past, the Ghost of Christmas Present, and the Ghost of Christmas Future. In the course of one night, Scrooge is forced to recognize his faults and gains the chance to make amends. He greets the dawning Christmas morning with an unusually cheerful, “Happy Christmas” – and finally connects with those that mean the most to him.