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Kent State University / Trumbull Campus

This school is part of an eight-campus network of Kent State University that combines a large university experience with a small liberal arts college while providing access to academic, economic and cultural advancement. It’s part of an eight-campus network of Kent State University and offers more than 30 different associate and bachelor’s degree programs and provides beginning coursework for any of the more than 280 academic programs offered by the school.

The Trumbull Campus sits on 438 acres with three academic buildings occupying over 246,000 square feet and boasts a two-acre lake.

Campus life features a number of activities and program including those having to do with the cultural arts. 

The LINK Art Gallery, which is located in the Administration Building and open to the public, features a wide variety of exhibitions throughout the year and is open Monday-Thursday from 3:00-7:00 pm.

The Kent State Trumbull Theatre, which is located across from the Library, produces shows and performances annually throughout the university season (September-May) and sometimes these shows include outside talent. The Summer Stock program runs from May-August and includes an active youth theatre component. All shows and performances are open to the public. Visit the school website for a list of shows and times.


4314 Mahoning Avenue NW
Warren, Ohio 44483

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Additional Information



Trumbull County Tourism Bureau
321 Mahoning Avenue NW • Warren, Ohio 44483
866.360.1552 • 330.675.3081 • 330.675.3083

Member of: Ohio Travel Assocation; Ohio Has It!; Ohio’s Appalachian Country; Adventures in Northeast Ohio; and Pennsylvania Bus Association.

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